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My husband and I wanted to book an exotic trip for our 5 year wedding anniversary.We had done alot of travelling before and wanted something a little more exciting, so through the internet we found this company called Riptours.

The website seemed kinda plain with not much on it, but they were local to Vancouver and we decided to submit our information to book a trip. We received a call within the next day or so about our travel inquiry, and the guy on the other end asked us what kind of trip we wanted to take. My husband and I wanted to travel to a secluded beach somewhere close to Thailand, as we had been before and like the area but we hated the busy beaches. We asked if they could accommodate our wishes and take us to a more secluded beach.

The travel sales guy on the other end said he knew many spots in the area we could visit, and offered to set us up with a guide when we got there. He also said he knew of a few other remote, exciting, and beautiful places in the area with neat waterfalls and amazing local places to eat plus amazing beaches. We decided to sign up for a packaged deal i.e. hotel, airfare, food, and guide for the journey and we paid close to $15,000.

I though it was a fairly steep price, but we wanted an amazing vacation so we went for it. Riptours booked us both a flight to Bangkok and told us where we should go to meet our guide to these amazing islands just off the coast of Thailand. Once we arrived in Bangkok international airport we went right away to the location we were supposed to go to meet with the local guide. We ended up waiting nearly 5 hours for our guide to show up.

The guide took us from the airport to a pretty down and out hotel room to which both my husband and I refused to stay at since we paid $15,000 for this vacation and expected a little better accommodations. The guide refused to take us to any better hotel unless we paid out of our own pocket. Since we didn't want to stay at a dumpy a hotel we decided to spend our own money on a better hotel that night. The trip just kept getting worse and worse after that.

In the following days the guide took us to some of the worst beaches ever, we never got to go to the island we were promised, and to top it off my husband got extremely sick for three days due to food poisoning based our guide's horrible food choices. After my husband recovered we decided we had enough and decided to return home early and demand our money back for the trip we were promised, but never received from Riptours. When we got back to Vancouver we phone the sales manager up who sold us the lousy vacation and demanded our money back.We told him the whole story and how we were cheated out of our vacation and the pain and trauma that my husband went through. They simply refused, and said that since we took the flight there and back that they weren't obligated to give us any refund whatsoever.

To put it plainly RIPTOURS and Jake Luft the travel salesman ripped us off stealing not only our money, but also our time and potentially my husbands life.I can't stress this enough stay away from Riptours in Vancouver.

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Hi Betty & Harold,

Riptours was created as a service for travellers, by travellers. We do not offer our own tour packages, nor do we accept traveller payment. Our service launch date was December 17th, 2012.

We would like to extend a personal invitation to both of you to visit our site and see how our services will not only help you choose a travel destination, but also find a reputable tour operator to ensure your expectations are met.

Please contact me directly at with any comments or to discuss this matter further.

Thank you,

Jake Luft

Riptours Adventure Travel


I had a similar experience with Riptours only my wife and I booked a tour to Machu Picchu with them.After arriving in Peru Lima we finally found our tour guide after waiting 4 hours for him to arrive.

From that moment on it continued to get worse. We were never taken to many local shops in Lima before we started the climb, the guide we had kept getting lost along the route to the site and we had to turned around and go back often. The trip to Machu Picchu took so long due to this we missed see one of the mountain lakes that we were supposed to see as part of the trip. Once we arrived at the site it was amazing, but once again our guide was pretty clueless and wasn't able to tell us much about the site.

On the way back to Lima the guide picked up some rotten food for us and for the next couple of days the entire group felt extremely sick.

Once we got back to Lima we couldn't wait to get to the hotel to head to the airport the next day.The tour was a horrible experience with Riptours given the opportunity again I would have booked with G adventures.

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